*We recommend that you use our associates ChurchPools.com
to discover which baptistry is best for you.
(They are the experts!)

When you decide you can ask ChurchPools.com to send the dimensions to …

John Burgoyne
1-888-633-1252 x 3284.

John is a freight broker who will find the least expensive way for your baptistry to be sent to your site.

Yes Churchpools.com supplies baptistries either built-in style or portable.

All Baptistries Come from the US and therefore are subject to:

  • USD to Canadian Exchange Rates, around 30%+ extra cost
  • Customs Fees – Usually around $100
  • Shipping costs from the US to Canada

* This eliminates Canadian Churches from having to pay Church Furniture Canada to import their baptistry as well as pay the manufacturer and the reseller!

If you know anyone that knows how to work with fiberglass and wants to start a part-time business in Canada making baptistries to order, please let us know! So far we have found none! Obviously this would not support a person full-time, but if you became an agent for our other products including chairs, podiums, pulpits etc., I can assure you there ARE SEVERAL markets which use Church Chairs.

We sell to several markets in addition to churches!

For More Information See www.churchpools.com
They usually refer Canadians to us but they specialize in baptistries and know a lot more than we do. ChurchFurnitureStore.com is the Retail Outlet
of our Wholesale Supplier