Prestige Pulpits
Why settle for acrylic when glass can only be scratched by very rare minerals?


  • Choice of Glass (Smoked, Clear)
  • Choice of Stain
  • Art Fees
  • Deep Etch of Church Artwork

Priced in USD

Speaker Lectern Models
Glass Speaker LecternSpeaker Lectern Clear Glass
Only $995
27″W x 22″D x 44″H
Weight = 75 lbs
glass speakerSpeaker Lectern Tinted Glass
Only $1095
27″W x 22″D x 44″H
 wood speakerSpeaker Lectern Wood
Only $590
27″W x 18″D x 44″H
Speaker Lectern Options

Add Castors to Base – $50

Add Wood Trim or Wood Top
to Glass Model – $150

Note: Tinted (or grey) glass has risen
dramatically in price,

so the prices of tinted(smoked or gray)
glass are a bit higher.

 Neos Pulpit Models
Neos Pulpit

 Neos Pulpit
Etched Logo on Glass

Only $1500!
41″W x 25″D x 45″FH (40.5″BH), 135 lbs
FH = Front Height, BH = Back Height

Neos Pulpit (Tinted)

Neos Pulpit – Tinted Glass
41″W x 25″D x 45″FH (40.5″BH)

Neos Pulpit (Clear) 

Neos Pulpit Clear Glass

Add Shelf to Neos Pulpit, Add $200

 *Note: Please Email for Current Pricing
  Freight Cost is $200 which includes a liftgate to lower crate to ground level.

Client is responsible for taking merchandise inside their building.

See Bottom of Page for Stain Colours
Monitors Vary in Their Ability to Show Exact Colours
But at Least you Can Get an Idea of What You Might Like
Prestige Pulpits has been in business for 20 years
making custom glass church furniture!
5 Panel Lectern
Foundation Pulpit
3 Panel Lectern  Only $1500

Like Above Picture but with a Front and Two Angled Sides3PanelLectern
Full-Sized Pulpits
Winged Pulpit $3995

Winged Pulpit

Foundation Pulpit $1995
Prestige Pulpit $3995
Rhema Pulpit $4995




 Colonial Pulpit $5250
Communion Tables

40″W – $979

48″W – $1189

60″W- $1425


Standard Communion Table

Width Choices are 40″W, 48″, 60″
Top is W x 24″Depth
33.5″H, 75, 85, 100 lbs

Elegance Communion Table

As Above, Difference is +Front Panel

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Pulpit Addons
Audio Technica Microphone – $389



Shockmount Only – $150

holder kit

Littlite Pulpit Light – $120

pulpit light

Wireless Microphone Holder Kit – $100

Colour Fills – $75 per colour
Our Cost!

Photoplate – $285

If you have trouble, please email us.

 Prestige Pulpits Specifications (coming)
Stain Choices for Wooden Parts of Pulpit
Proudly Made in Ontario, Canada! This saves Americans money due to exchange rate!