Do you want the best quality of church chair
that your money can buy or just the prettiest?

No I did NOT say the most expensive! No I did not say the nicest looking!

What part of the chair is the most important? The fabric? The legs? The colour? The seat? The backrest? The lumbar support?

Well if you picked ONE of the above, then you are not quite right!

The most important part of the chair is the foam inside the seat and back! Why? 

If you want a chair to last until the next generation takes over the church, often considered to be 25 years, then you need a high quality, high density foam, NOT  A SOFT FOAM!

IF you have soft foam in your seat or back, then your chair is only worth 1/4 to 1/2 the price of an average church chair!


Soft foam is the cheapest foam to buy and actually feels good for months or perhaps even a few years, but it WILL NOT LAST! Some companies put soft foam in because it is cheap and you will not know how bad it is for some time.

But isn’t hard foam uncomfortable?

Yes but only for the first minute or so!

When you sit on a chair with high density or dual density virgin foam it will at first feel hard and you may be tempted to get up right away and decide that the chair is NOT comfortable.

BUT if you wait another minute or so you will notice that the good foam will gradually soften and coNform to your exterior body shape. Then IT FEELS OH SO COMFORTABLE!


Are the two lines parallel to each other or curved?
Put a straight edge along them and see!

Which way is this face facing?
Are you sure? Look again!

Which is the shortest line? Are you sure? Measure them!
Just like your eyes can fool you above, so can your eyes fool you into thinking you have a good chair when you did not even check the statistics or did not even purchase a sample chair from each company you are looking at to compare.


You can order a sample BRCF chair from us for $65, the price of delivery by Fedex. If you want more then one chair, you pay for the price of the chair PLUS the freight.

(The color you want MAY be available as a sample but it may not.) It might be better to order any color sample so that you can test how good the chair is. If you order a harmonious colour then it will still look good if used with the chairs you end up buying.


What colour?
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