We are going to be listing here ways that your church can save money. Having been in business since 1987 and being a computer dealer for 17 years, one can learn a lot of ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

VOIP Phone System
VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol – There are companies such as Vonage Canada
or Vonage USA which offer this service commercially.

However if you really want to save money, get a techie to help you and go to https://voip.ms/ where someone with a bit of tech knowledge can set up your own VOIP system using a phone adapter and unplug your system from the large carriers. If you were to go there yourself, you may feel totally overwhelmed, but anyone with a bit of tech knowledge and using their customer service chat can get you hooked up using your own high speed internet and really save a bundle!

Here is last year’s example for Church Furniture Canada!

We have two toll-free numbers, a fax line and toll-free calling all over North America! How much did we pay last year for our phone system? Would you believe $109.42?

If you have phoned us, you know that the voice quality of our system is equal to the big phone companies!

  1. You have to buy a phone adapter for about $59 (Mine has never failed but it is always a good idea to buy an extra so you could switch one out if it fails.
  2. Get your techie (many local computer companies can help you with this) to hook up your system to your regular phones. Oh yes, you can buy all kinds of other devices but these units work great and no one that I have asked has noticed any difference from a major carrier phone line! So why pay hundreds of dollars every year???
  3. I will soon be listing for U.S. and for Canada where you can get these products for the great prices mentioned above.
  4. Oh and by the way, if you ever need help, Voip.ms has live chat for certain hours and a ticket system where you can explain any problems and they will help you. I have used the live chat whenever I have needed some extra advice.
  5. There are so many things you can do that you CANNOT do with a regular business phone line such as call your main number, a cell number or a any other number simultaneously so that wherever you are, people can reach you! Many other benefits will be listed later.